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Uniting the Children of Uganda Through Breakdance and Hip Hop Culture

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Aghamu Shadia

Age: 15 years
Birth date: 14th September 1994
Home Country: Uganda

I was born in a family of 13 children and am the 10th. My Dad is a Policeman and he has three wives and my mum is the third. I am from a Muslim family.

I live along with my mum, dad, sister and two brothers. My family has been facing all kinds of problems; no school fees, lack of food, clothing and shelter. Since we are sharing a two-roomed house with another family of a Policeman.

My mum has been sick for three months and the doctor said she's got wounds in her stomach. My Dad's salary is very low so we don't have money for the treatment. Whenever I perform the money I earn goes towards the food bills.

I am short sighted and I cannot see without glasses and it is affecting my reading. I thank Abramz and B-girl Sarah who helped in buying me glasses though I don't have them anymore.

My dreams: I dream of studying in a very good business school and making money for my family. I want to make my mum and dad very happy and send my brother and sister to school. I also want to buy a bus for Breakdance Project Uganda and to live in America one day.

My Hobbies: I like reading business news, reading novels, riding bikes, making friends, swimming, though I don't have the money to do it often, and being invited to parties.

Education: I have been to a few schools in Kampala. I went to St peter Nursery and Primary School the changed to Faith Primary School since it was cheaper and that is where I completed my Primary education. I then went to St Peter's Senior Secondary School but I would like to change to another school since St Peter's has increased its school fees. I would like to go to Newcastle High School though it is far away from my home it is a bit cheaper.