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Uniting the Children of Uganda Through Breakdance and Hip Hop Culture

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Kibuka Mukisa Oscar

Birth date: 14th June 1992

I am the first born in a family of four boys. Unfortunately the third brother passed away as a baby so we have grown up as three brothers. I only share a father with one of my brothers as my mother separated from my father when I was 1 year old and married my now, step father. My step father's family is Muslim, however I am a Protestant because that is what my father believed. My father paid support to my mother for my upkeep up until I was 8 years old. After that my mother had to support me and the whole family through her job in a hair cutting saloon.

Growing up, I attended 6 different primary schools. This is because I had to move houses a lot and also because we needed to find schools with cheaper school fees. I have lived with my mother, my grandmother and my step-father's father (where I live now). I completed Primary School in Kansanga and went onto secondary school where I passed my O level exams. In the final year of secondary school, my family could no longer afford my school fees, and Breakdance Project Uganda paid for the fees through , initially with money raised from selling t-shirts and then later they found a sponsor from Germany.

I joined BPU towards the end of 2006 after being inspired by Antonio Bukhar whilst he was performing at a church festival called Get Real. I also wanted to learn to dance because I liked the music videos I saw on television like the Black Eyed Peas. I like going to the Sharing Youth Centre each week because I am able to meet new people, make friends and practice with my dance crew. I also really like teaching and learning new moves from other people.

Now that I have finished secondary school, I am hoping to work in visual arts. I have dreams to become a photographer and also to work with young people, passing on my skills as a breakdancer and a graffiti artist. I am trying to save up from performances through BPU to buy some photography equipment. It is my aim to make young people happy and to spread hip hop around the world.