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Uniting the Children of Uganda Through Breakdance and Hip Hop Culture

Photo of Abramz Tekya
ABRAMZ TEKYA is the director and founder of Breakdance Project Uganda (B.P.U), an organization launched in February 2006 that uses breakdance and other elements of hip-hop to promote positive social change and social responsibility... More »
Photo of Crazy Legs
CRAZY LEGS started b-boying in 1977 when he picked up moves from his cousin Leonard Nunez and other local b-boys in the Bronx. At the age of 12 he battled his way into the seminal New York b-boy crew the Rock Steady Crew... More »
cast img
OKOT JOLLY GRACE has been involved with Invisible Children since the beginning. Her guidance enabled the filmmakers to see and understand the plight of children in northern Uganda... More »
Photo of Kibuka Mukisa Oscar
KIBUKA MUKISA OSCAR joined BPU towards the end of 2006 after being inspired by Antonio Bukhar whilst he was performing at a church festival called Get Real... More »
Photo of Aghamu Shadia
AGHAMU SHADIA I was born in a family of 13 children and am the 10th. My Dad is a Policeman and he has three wives and my mum is the third. I am from a Muslim family... More »
Photo of Alfred Otim
ALFRED OTIM was born on the 8th of September 1992 in Koch Goma Village, approximately 30 km from Gulu Town in Northern Uganda. During the height of the devastating conflict between Museveni's Government and the Lord's Resistance Army... More »
Photo of Claire Lewis
CLAIRE LEWIS has worked for Oxfam for nearly 20 years and aptly describes it as "one of the most progressive, thoughtful and dynamic organizations to be involved with." Oxfam has been fighting poverty for over 65 years... More »
Photo of Ynot
YNOT started dancing at the age of 17 and was mainly influenced by James Brown. He is a member of the legendary dance troup known as the Rock Steady Crew... More »
Photo of Ervin Arana
ERVIN ARANA While most young teenagers are struggling to find an identity within the confines of middle school peer pressure, one decided to take a different route. Ervin Arana no longer wanted to learn simply what the teachers had on the agenda... More »